Ziggy Played Guitar and Read Loads of Books: David Bowie released a list of his top 100 must-read books and it’s a treasure trove of worthwhile suggestions.

Penny (Pinching) Lane: John Lennon’s childhood home in Liverpool (near Penny Lane! Oh my god!) is set to be auctioned off later in October.

Barn, Barn, Baby?: In a bizarre cry for help Vanilla Ice Goes Amish will premiere on the DIY Network Saturday, October 12th.

Alleviate Your Post-Breaking Bad Withdrawals, Bitch: Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) appears on the formulaic, club-drivel song Dance, Bitch by Tom Neville & Zen Freeman and makes it relevant, supplementing fat drum beats and jumbled synthes with “dance, bitch” and “come on, dance”.

Wolf Pack: Snoop Dogg (Lion?) has joined forces with with his two sons (Pups? Cubs?) to form The Broadus Boyz on their debut mixtape Royal Fam. Despite Snoop’s usual propensity towards naughty language, references to bitches and hoes have been substituted for the more family friendly “old lady”.

Compelling: Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine said in an interview that Britpop was a government conspiracy and that he, unrelatedly, took a lot of recreational drugs during that time.

(G)A(Y) For Effort: Get Shot! a California punk band filmed a short pornographic video on the grassy front lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church.

New York’s The Babies will be playing their particularly earnest blend of warm, fuzzy garage rock tinged with country inklings this Saturday. They’re joined by true blue Seattle heartthrobs Wimps, Chastity Belt, and Pony Time!

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